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  • Granger SQL (Version 7.1.3 (64 bit) and 4.2 (32 bit) is a fast and feature rich SQL query tool for programmers and DBA's who use SQL frequently. It runs under all recent versions of Windows. Metadata features are fast and easy to navigate. You can keep several database connections open at once, and tile result sets. Other features include 250 query history, spooling, printing, session and query saving/retrieval, sending result sets to Notepad, and automatic reconnection. It is popular in some DB2 shops (but in no way specific to DB2), because it outperforms most ODBC query tools, and because of its focus on user convenience.
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  • Granger Java SQL (Version 1.037) is an SQL query tool (written in Java) for use with JDBC drivers. It runs as a Java application, and has been tested under Windows, Solaris, and Linux. Metadata features are present. Test the performance of this tool relative to non-Java Query tools to see that Java performance can be excellent. This program allows you to enter any JDBC driver name and connection string you wish, but has a list box of some common ones, including the DB2 type 4 driver. Contact us if you want a specific driver and connection string automated into the list. This utility should be run with JDK1.3 (or above) runtime!
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    Other/Customized: There are now (2012) utilities available for fast unloading of Oracle for Load's into DB2. There is also a DB2 to Oracle table compare program (row by row, column by column, even leading or trailing spaces compared). We're available for contract work to create customized database utilities in C++ or Java, for either DBA's or programmers.

  • These utilities are frequently enhanced, to improve performance or add features.

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